Opening today at Art Anton is the show “Perfect Imperfections” featuring the works of Gerry Joquico, Grae Martin Joquico, Gary Joseph Joquico, Clinton Aniversario and Adam Nacianceno.

The works are inspired by a realistic and practical approach to life as one of loving acceptance and embrace rather than regret and resignation. This is a sentiment captured by Clinton Aniversario’s “Mother and Child” work. Gazing at her child with intense affection, a mother communicates her willingness to give her all to the life that she has conceived.

Adam Nacianceno paints a portrait of a woman, emerging, as though she were in camouflage, from these skeins of a Pollockian web. In Gerry Joquico’s art, the woman is depicted with an air of mystery and intrigue and with such sensitivity and enveloping loneliness. The constant presence of mannequins in her midst amplifies the already disturbing eerie atmosphere.

Rene Magritte’s presence is cunningly felt in Gary Joseph Joquico’s works, where the man in a bowler hat seems to preside and figures large in a desolate landscape. The artist’s affinity with Surrealism allows him to open up his works to whimsy and fantasy, wonder, reverie and, ultimately, enigma.

Grae Martin Joquico has spurned figuration in favor of abstraction, finding in the non-representational idiom the vehicle and “space” to transmit the emotional resonances of indistinct and indeterminate landscapes and atmospheres. Art Arton is at the Ground Floor, S Maison, Conrad Hotel Manila, Marina Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. For inquiries, call or SMS 0922-3050196.