Anton Del Castillo’s Parousia featured at Manila Bulletin

Anton Del Castillo longs for better days in Parousia

by Repelente, Terence Patrick T.

Anton Del Castillo believes that his art, although often rooted in personal events and people close to him, can be a way to express universal themes. For Anton, all art conveys a narrative. The stories shown in his works, however, are founded on visions. “The scenes that are depicted in my art often come from episodes that curiously show up in my dreams,” he says. “I am then urged to render them into permanence. Interestingly, these scenes mirror my own experiences and, as I eventually come to know, those of others as well.”

Like all of us, one of the major anxieties that plague Anton’s mind right now is COVID-19. Ironically, he says, the virus gave him more material for artistic expression. “As an artist who draws heavily from his own experiences and emotions, the global pandemic, with its maddening effect on our relationships and mental well-being, aggravated my worries and concerns, compelling me to create more,” he says.

“But with heightened anxieties also came greater faith in the Lord.”

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