• GIG DE PIO, “Ebony and the Sun is Green (Homage to Constancio Bernardo)”, Acrylic on Canvas on Laminated Plywood, 20” x 96”, 2018

  • GIG DE PIO, “Equivocal Tones/Simultaneous Contrasts (Homage to Dr. Rod Paras Perez)”, Acrylic on Wrap-around Canvas, 48” x 48”, 2018

  • GIG DE PIO, “Red (Tribute to Joya)”, Acrylic on Convex Canvas, 42.25” in diameter, 2018

  • Gig de Pio, Pieces of Mind
    Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 72 inches, 2017

  • Gig de Pio, Surge
    Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 72 inches, 2017

Gig de Pio

Gig De Pio creates refined portraits in charcoal, pastel and oil, exploring abstract and figurative styles. His abstract art is based on the theory of entropy, which involves the process of order to disorganization in the universe.