• Justin Nuyda, Search Mindscape Transposition
    Oil on canvas, 24 x 48 inches, 2017

  • Justin Nuyda, Search Mindscape Transcendence
    Oil on canvas, 30 x 48 inches, 2017

Justin Nuyda

Justin “Tiny” Nuyda, renowned modern art painter, possesses a career that spans more that forty years of prolific development. Nuyda is among the early recipients of the CCP Thirteen Artist Award in 1972. The artist’s “Mindscape” series is particularly notable as a bellwether in the development in Philippine abstraction. A consummate amateur naturalist, he combines his expansive knowledge of butterflies and nature with a visual art practice that is both geometrically logical yet organic. His canvases flow with dynamism and energy—a characteristic that suites the personal temperament of the artist himself.