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"INIZIO: NEW BEGINNINGS" a solo exhibition by Nixxio Castrillo January 5 - 18, 2022 “Nothing grows well under the shadow of a big tree.” That statement is attributed to the great sculptor, the Romanian Constantin Brancusi. An apprentice in the studio of the French sculptor Auguste Rodin, Brancusi realized that, though he may learn all the rudiments and techniques of sculpture, he will always remain in the shadow of Rodin, who was renowned throughout Europe for his works such as The Gates of Hell, The Burghers of Calais; and the iconic “The [...]


Pagdakila sa mga Nakalipas na mga Obra Maestra


“Pagdakila sa Nakalipas na mga Mga Obra Maestra” at Galerie Roberto By CID REYES French painter Edouard Manet paid homage to a painting by the Renaissance artist Raphael. Picasso made numerous versions of the works of fellow countryman Diego Velasquez and the French Romantic painter Delacroix. Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night” was inspired by the Japanese printmaker Hokusai’s “The Great Wave.” American Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein reworked Picasso, Van Gogh, and Mondrian. In the historical tradition of artists paying tribute to the Masters, Galerie Roberto presents “Pagdakila sa Nakalipas na mga Obra Maestra” (A Tribute to the Masters). The [...]

Pagdakila sa mga Nakalipas na mga Obra Maestra2021-11-18T18:21:30+08:00


The Manila'Bang Show: ArtFest International 2021 kicks off with both prominent and emerging local and international artists looking into divergent ways, possibilities, or courses of action relating to the self, everyday life, and creative and artistic processes and production. ONE BIG SHOW of cutting-edge art and contemporary dialogues, the fest runs on-site from 8-12 December 2021 at Festival Mall Alabang, presented by Galerie Roberto in partnership with Artsper Europe and Art Moments Jakarta. The Manila'Bang Show 8-12 December 2021 Festival Mall Alabang ARTISTS [...]




JAY RAGMA Born in 1992, a visual artist from Caloocan City. He studied Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts at the University of the East Caloocan, Philippines. Jay Ragma delivers canvases of retinal delight and energy, comprising of zinging threadlike fine lines in horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and perpendicular directions. Tightly organized and compact in linear masses, the works are driven by accelerating speed, creating a virtual tapestry bursting at the seams, propelled by continuous movement and springing, vibration. These paintings have their original roots in Futurism, the Italian movement whose manifesto declared that “the splendor of [...]



'NEW WAVE' Andre Baldovino, Clarence Eduarte, Kat Grow, Fitz Herrera, Karl Lago, Dennis Morante, Joar Songcuya and Valen Valero September 21 - October 10, 2021 New Wave situates eight artists who engage with abstraction in the digital age. This milieu could be characterized as consisting of a general public which largely regards abstraction in stylistic terms, easily categorizable into the various -isms decontextualized, defanged, and reduced to an orderly collection of formal idioms rather than specific cultural articulations of political ideologies throughout history. As “new” is defined against the “old,” one is tempted [...]

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