It is not weak. It is unique. It does not boast. It is dynamic.

What have been achieved by our forefathers and ancestors is ours. Patiently and painfully crafting what may be the most-prized masterpiece yet. Their burning passion for artistry and to the most High is engraved in our souls not letting a single soul smear our proud blood. To be fair, art is an extension of oneself reflecting of who they are and they aspire to be.

“Some of us can live without a society but not without a family. “, Having that said, in this show, these talented artists who shares the same blood, sweat and dream showcasing their vision on how the world revolves around them.

Aspirations turned into art. Doubt, disappointment, and dissatisfaction turned into strength.

Their work is the manifestation of their blood. What is to you is the same as mine. Shifting forms become clarified. The mysteries of one’s bloodline exhibits stories beyond on what the eyes could see. No longer silencing their version of truth. This is the dawn of a new beginning.

-Reydon Venal