The Blue Marble is a term coined to refer to an image of the earth as taken from space. The title seems to tell us to view nature from a distance, as if detached from it. However, this is contrary to what the nine woman artists participating in this exhibition were asked to do. The artists were to wear their own gendered lenses and through them see and then reveal the womanness of nature.
Some artists explored concepts surrounding womanhood in relation to nature and on how as women they see or even navigate their relationship with their ecological environment. Others used woman as muse such as associations to some naturally occurring forms that have feminine qualities such as curves and repetitive patterns similar to those of the petals of a flower. The viewers can navigate through familiar terrains through either realistic renditions or abstractions of organic formations readily found in nature.
The exhibition presents viewers with an opportunity to spark conversations as to what dynamics are at play in our view of nature in relation to gender, as well as the idea of parallels that take account of seeing women and nature as property to be exploited. Sustained well, such conversations can broaden perspectives into the realm of gender politics and the environment.

-Richard Coronel