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Varied Conversations


ART MOMENTS JAKARTA 2021 "Varied Conversations" Various artists Online (June 1-30,2021) | On-site (June 14-25, 2021) Galerie Roberto proudly presents Varied Conversations, a curated selection demonstrating the diverse range of approaches that Philippine contemporary art has to offer. The gallery has built a sterling reputation on exhibiting Philippine and Asian art, championing both emerging and established artists that push the envelope of the region.  This special exhibition for Art Jakarta offers opportunities for exchange and dialogue on a personal, local, and transnational level through a potent concoction of figurative, abstract, social realist, pop, expressionist, [...]

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Froilan Calayag at Art Fair Philippines


The Different Characters of Froilan Calayag by Repelente, Terence Patrick T. Froilan Calayag’s artworks are always filled with his created characters and creatures. It is almost as if his works are illustrations of scenes drawn from fantasy books. Interesting, however, how Froilan does not see himself as a storyteller. Instead, he claims that he is the story. But what is his story? “I was born with defects. They used to treat me with a lot of medications and, as I grew, my mother suspected I had autism spectrum disorder because my behavior was quite different from the other kids,” [...]

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Anton Del Castillo at Art Fair Philippines


Anton Del Castillo's Parousia featured at Manila Bulletin Anton Del Castillo longs for better days in Parousia by Repelente, Terence Patrick T. Anton Del Castillo believes that his art, although often rooted in personal events and people close to him, can be a way to express universal themes. For Anton, all art conveys a narrative. The stories shown in his works, however, are founded on visions. “The scenes that are depicted in my art often come from episodes that curiously show up in my dreams,” he says. “I am then urged to render them into permanence. Interestingly, [...]

Anton Del Castillo at Art Fair Philippines2021-05-31T15:33:18+08:00
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