21-23 February 2020

There is a character in one of Haruki Murakami’s books, a faceless man who asked a painter to make him a portrait. Most of my works in the past are portraits of people I don’t know. I usually copy them from photographs I found online, books, and other prints. In a way, the paintings I do are similar to that in the story of the faceless man. I don’t paint faces realistically; however, you can have a delicate glimpse of their identities through the silhouettes or through their eyes, but still, they remain enigmatic, even faceless. I prefer that when viewing the
paintings, my audience would also try to "feel" the portraits rather than just trying to link them to identifiable figures. There is a sense of rarity to it that’s within reach but still not quite identifiable. It is a subject that is familiar but still obscure. For my solo exhibition for the Art Fair Philippines 2020 entitled Empire, I want to explore how powerful people’s portraits generate the audience’s perspectives on their respective images. Likewise, I want to challenge myself to come up with portraits that can alter perspectives in relation to how power dynamics play in societies.


Using the genre of portraiture, Julius Redillas’ works often revolves around the concept of identity; usually stripping them off of it without removing its familiarity. Redillas uses ready-made images and documents as a starting point in creating his works and recreates these familiar and common imagery using traditional media such as drawing, painting and moving image. Currently based in Angeles City, Julius Redilas has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree Major in Painting, from the Far Eastern University Institute of Architecture & Fine Arts, and has exhibited extensively in the Philippines and abroad.