Homage Series Plus I

November 8, 2017 - November 27, 2017

Galerie Roberto presents a solo exhibition of paintings and
sculptors by Joe Datuin, billed as “Homages Series Plus.” The
show opens on November 8.
In this series of homages to a gallery of artistic heroes,
Datuin merges his steel rings against the instantly recognizable
styles of masters ranging from abstract expressionist masters
Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Barnett Newman, Clifford Still, to
Pop Art idols Roy Lichstenstein and Keith Haring, to the Icon-
oclast Damien Hirst. Undoubtedly, Datuin has set a tone of
unadulterated adulation and unwittingly suggests the art
world’s starry-eyed hero-worship of top-tiered celebrities.
In a series of sculptural works on the classic theme of
Mother and Child, Datuin juxtaposes gleaming stainless steel
rings and globes of different sizes, choreographing them into
various resourceful configurations that evoke the tenderness
and affection between the two interlocked figures, yet at the
same time innovating their arrangements on purely formal
grounds. These are open-air sculptures that are sympathetically
appealing not only because of the chosen theme, but because
of the seeming effortlessness and lighthearted approach with
which Joe Datuin distilled an emotional experience.

“Homages Series Plus” runs until November 27.
Galerie Roberto is at Unit 4, Molito Lifestyle Extension Bldg
#7, Madrigal Ave. cor. Commerce Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa
City. For inquiries, call tel. no 809-1619. Mobile: 0998-5955764.

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