Between A Puddle And The Ocean

February 23, 2018 - March 14, 2018

Between A Puddle and The Ocean

“Watercolour in the contemporary has a voice often felt but never fully recognized. Preliminary studies in the realization of images are attempted in watercolour, a primordial medium that has seen use throughout history in various forms and identities; relegated to a supporting role. There is stiffness to its use concurrently, a stigmatic banality in picturesque portrayals of rural backdrops, and youths frolicking, and worn out still lifes among others.

Capturing a scene cements an object’s place in time, an affixion to memory. It is succour to frail human memory, ever growing hazy and less forgiving. Watercolour is akin to memory in this manner, without rigidity of control, and of discipline it devolves into nebulous forms – listless remnants of accrued experience. A wash effuses its values and hues, evocative of melancholy moods. Impressions peek through transparent veils building each other up or faintly hiding subtle whispers of thought. In this sense, the produced image is a mnemonic to a memory or a feeling.

The limits within nature are only its boundaries. The puddle is constrained to its groove and the ocean encompasses vast distances. Liberating the medium from its current emaciated role in art leaves it free to be communed with in a broader spectrum – to limit it not only to the miniscule physical boundaries of the tangible convention, but to convene with the ethereal nature of existence and truths.

Between A Puddle and The Ocean, challenges the pre – conceived notion of what watercolour can be, an ennobling of the medium to take a more prominent role in the contemporary art dialogue and taking watercolour to be au courant within the art scene. Images approaching the extremities of the mediums’ capacity that aims to supersede the recurrent approach. It addresses the emerging conversation as to the viability of the medium for exploration moving forward and is a showcase of that which is at the forefront.”


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