April 7, 2018 - April 21, 2018

“No other artist after Fernando Amorsolo has so consistently and obsessively depicted the beauty and pulchritude of the Filipino maiden, whose essence was once captured in the numerous canvases of the first National Artist. To be sure, the Filipina has ever been the inevitable subject of the Filipino artist, but the impulse was mostly at the service of domestic genre, engaged in gardening, watering plants, cooking, cleaning, mending nets, feeding the chickens, and other household chores.

A true voluptuary of womanhood, Hermes Alegre takes visual pleasure at her very sight, sufficient in itself; the artist stimulated into lyrical and pastoral imaginings, almost always Edenic. Alegre’s maiden is a subject content to inspire contemplation and delectation of the mystery of her gender. In the new series titled “Mahiyain,” Alegre is as amorous as ever, seduced by her shy, bashful nature, making her even more tantalizingly elusive, as he espies her in the midst of a lushly blossoming tropical vegetation.” – Sir Cid Reyes

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