Artist:        Jonas Camposagrado
Title:          “Apathy”
Medium:   Spray paint on frame
Size:           40 x 28 inches
Year:          2021

“Google defines ‘absurdism’ as the belief that human beings exist in a purposeless, chaotic universe. Honestly, I think this idea is an insensitive theme to work with considering the current crisis, during a global pandemic that highly affects marginalized people.
This idea only applies to privileged individuals who already have the basic necessities to carry on with. These are also people who continuously take advantage of the existing conditions by making a few adjustments that would only benefit themselves while continuing to diminish oppressed individuals.
A working starving man might never think the world is purposeless.
This is an abrupt concept that could only apply to people who have the means to survive and totally disregards status and experiences of people who can’t afford the same means to live.
PRE, EVIL and EDGE were words I chose to vandalize a decorative frame to convey how privileged people turn their blind eyes towards oppression therefore contributing to oppression themselves.”

Status:       Inquire for availability