“Varied Conversations”

Various artists

Online (June 1-30,2021) | On-site (June 14-25, 2021)

Galerie Roberto proudly presents Varied Conversations, a curated selection demonstrating the diverse range of approaches that Philippine contemporary art has to offer. The gallery has built a sterling reputation on exhibiting Philippine and Asian art, championing both emerging and established artists that push the envelope of the region. 

This special exhibition for Art Jakarta offers opportunities for exchange and dialogue on a personal, local, and transnational level through a potent concoction of figurative, abstract, social realist, pop, expressionist, and surrealist works. These are windows into distinct realms of thought borne out of an artist’s interface with their surroundings that can be deeply personal, which also makes these also outwardly resonant. 

Though Southeast Asia encompasses a wildly diverse range of transmutable art forms, the art object itself can be a conduit of thought that draws tenuous routes between archipelagic expressions. A conversation, after all, isn’t one-sided. It’s a web of articulations constantly in a state of flux, ever evolving and responding to the past, present, and future.